Comprehensive Event Planning

•  Conference Messaging and Pre-planning

•  Agenda Development and Speaker/Panel Coordination

•  Logistics, Audio-visual, and Signage

•  Registration and On-site Support

•  B2G and B2B Matchmaking Sessions

Inspire • Collaborate • Innovate

Program Management

•  Strategic Planning and Evaluation

•  Program Support and Execution

•  Data Analysis and Qualitative Research

•  Federal, Academia, & Community - Partnerships



Education and Training

•      Talent Needs Assessment

•      Curriculum Development

•      Instructional Systems Design

•      Facilitated and eLearning Courses



Federal Contracting Small Business Programs:

•  Strategic Planning and Execution

•  Program Evaluation and Training

•  Enterprise-wide Strategic Sourcing

•  Market Research

•  Socioeconomic Program Advocacy

•  American Indian, Tribal Business, and Alaskan Native Business Programs and Outreach

Content Development

•      Communications Strategy Development

•      Communities of Practice

•      Video and Audio Production

•      Graphic Design


Our Services Include:

  • Program Development, Execution, and Evaluation
  • Enterprise-wide Strategic Sourcing, Market Research
  • Small Business Program Management
  • Comprehensive Event Planning
  • Strategic Planning and Research
  • Education and Training Initiatives
  • Content Development​​